Key Talking Points to Include In a Drug Abuse College Essay

Drugs are a controversial issue. There are medicinal and prescription drugs, recreational drugs and other types of drugs used for different purposes. The resultant effect is either stimulant, hallucinogen, depressant, opioid. Your drugs essay should capture the psychological effect of drug usage, what research and studies have shown and any other important statistic that can be added.

Also mention current affairs on drug use, like legalization of cannabis in some states. Your drug court essay can mention the different approaches applied by these courts in resolving cases in non-adversarial offenses. Your drug rehabilitation essay can mention the effects on youth and teens drug abuse has, and how to prevent such.  Add some amazing insight to your essay.

How to Add Weight to Your Drug Addiction Essay

Drugs are quite versatile in nature. Performance enhancing drugs may not give the same effect as hallucinogens. Athletes may use these to achieve certain results or get a better net effect out of competitive arrangements. Your drug abuse college essay needs to address the distinct differences between these types of drugs, the number and the reasons why people use them.

If you were asked to write a drug addiction essay, what factors would you consider? Statistics is a great help for these types, and those numbers do exist. Say, for certain types of drugs, what demographics are most exposed to them and what psychological and physiological factors contribute to the nature of the abuse. Your paper may further be categorized as:

  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative

What are you being asked to write about and from what perspective do you need to put your point of view across from? A drug war essay can for instance talk about the higher numbers of deaths recorded in Mexico.

Quality Points of an Argumentative Essay on Drug Testing

Need a Hindi argumentative essay on drug testing? Your argumentative essay needs to have strong supporting points to back your stance. Mention the negative effects of drugs on athletes and talk about the repercussions of mandatory testing on the population.

A persuasive essay drug requires vital statistics, both on the extent of usage, figures to support your position and other strong references that you can use to argue out your case. Talk about political and legal precedents on the same.

A great conclusion for drug abuse essay would summarize your main points and end with a strong closing remark.

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